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11th Aug 2020

QUIZ: Can you name the Netflix show from a single screen shot?

Wil Jones

If you consider yourself a true Netflix addict, you should be getting full marks on this

It has only been eight years since Netflix launched in the UK – and they didn’t begin producing original content until 2013.

But needless to say, in that short time, they have absolutely revolutionised how we watch television. The idea of linear TV is something only old people indulge in now, with every episode of a show dropping on a Friday ready for you spend a whole weekend watching being the new normal.

Netflix might have started out with prestige dramas, but now they’ve dipped their toe into nearly every genre of television – they’ve made sitcoms, adult animation, kids cartoons, game shows, documentaries, reality TV – apart from sports and news, they’ve done it all.

So, how well do you know the Netflix original shows? Below, we have given you 18 single screen shots from different show, and you just have to tell us what shows they are. Easy, right?

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