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28th Jun 2019

QUIZ: Name the TV show from the end credits production logo

Wil Jones

“Not a doctor”

Real talk: one of the worst things Netflix does is automatically play the next episode. In the algorithm’s obsessive mission to keep us watching, the end credits are ripped away – and with it, a vital part of the televisual experience. After a great episode, you need to take a second and pause. Take in the outro theme. Listen to the wonderful Bojack Horseman end song, or hear about Kelsey Grammer’s eternal struggle with his nemesis, the tossed salad and scrambled egg. You should sit and watch the end credits every time, reading every name, paying respect to all the talented individuals who worked tirelessly to enjoy the show you just watched.

Another thing you miss are the logos of the production companies – the little two-second stings that have become strangely iconic in their own right.

You might think you don’t notice them, but as you watch a show every week – or binge it in one go – they get seared into your brain.

So here is a quiz: we show you the familiar logo of a production company, you just have to tell us what TV show it is most associated with.