QUIZ: How well do you know Happy Gilmore? 9 months ago

QUIZ: How well do you know Happy Gilmore?

It's been 25 years... how well do you remember arguably the greatest sports movie of all time?

Sports movies are hard to get right. Many have tried to make them convincing, but often they fall short, whether due to unrealistic and inauthentic playing scenes, and fail to land with the audience.


Many of the movies that do land with the audiences, however, do so because they perhaps don't try as hard, and rather than focus on the sporting action, tap into the rivalry and emotion of sport. As well as the humour.

One such film was Happy Gilmore, the Adam Sandler vehicle which is now 25 fucking years old. Yes, we feel extremely ancient as well. Even more so after watching two of its stars reunite this week.

We've all watched it, we've all laughed at it. Some of us may even have cried watching it.

But how well do you remember it? Time to find out.