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22nd Apr 2018

QUIZ: How quickly can you name all 18 of the Marvel movies?

Rory Cashin

Eighteen movies over ten years, and nearly fifteen billion dollars at the box office.

Even if you haven’t seen them all, there is every chance that you know them all by name.

However, in the last decade, there have been eighteen of them, leading up to the release of the 19th MCU movie, Avengers Infinity War later this month.

With that in mind, we’re giving you two minutes to name all eighteen movies that have been released so far.

First, a few hints on the titles.

If any of the movies have a subtitle – say, for example, Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers – all you need to put in is The Two Towers to get the right answer.

Additionally, any of the characters with the “Man” in their name will be a two-name title, as in Bat Man, not Batman, and not Bat-Man.

Also, we’ve given you the years that each of the movies were released, in case that will stir up any memories.

All clear? Great! Your two minutes starts once you click “Play”!

If the quiz isn’t working for you below, you can head here to take it.