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28th Aug 2019

QUIZ: Can you name these 30 South Park characters from the picture?

The ultimate South Park character quiz, for hardcore fans.

Wil Jones

South Park has been offending audiences for over two decades. The show has gone from its humble beginnings featuring anal probes and Jesus fighting Santa, to up-to-the-second social satire, and then to the multi-episode story arcs of the last few seasons. Over 287 episodes and counting, Trey Parker and Matt Stone has built a sprawling world filled with wild and insane characters.

But how many of those characters can you identify? We’re not just talking about Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny here. This one is for true South Park nerds, who have seen every episode of all 21 seasons. The fans who can tell Casa Bonita from Imaginationland, and know who Cartman’s real father is.  Good luck!


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