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15th Feb 2018

QUIZ: Can you guess the FIFA game from the songs on the soundtrack?

James Dawson

If you can get 10/12 it’s a good score.

There are people who say guitar music is dead – and while in terms of the current relevance culturally and its place in the charts, they might have a point – it’s fair to say those people don’t regularly play FIFA.

Since the 90s the football game series has provided the soundtrack to last-minute winners, rage quits and lots and lots of Ultimate Team. And while it has dabbled in genres from UK Garage to French techno, it’s fair to say that the games generally have become synonymous with male-fronted guitar bands like Kasabian, Blur and latterly, Django Django

Any big FIFA fan will have heard every single song on each soundtrack over and over again, to the point that – like Martin Tyler and Alan Smith’s commentary – the songs become embedded in your mind and you barely recognise you’re listening to them. But, do you remember the exact soundtrack on which the songs featured?

Let’s find out.