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14th Jun 2016

Man United’s Independence Day trailer is so bad it’s good

There are no words...

Nooruddean Choudry

Wow. Just…wow.

Having witnessed Wayne Rooney’s dire acting in Manchester United’s tie-in video for X-Men: Apocalypse (“Apoca-who?!”), we didn’t think the club’s global partnership with film distributor 20th Century Fox could result in anything worse. We were so wrong.

The latest film/football collaboration sees Wayne Rooney, Ashley Young, Daley Blind, Juan Mata and Chris Smalling all saving the planet for Independence Day: Resurgence. That’s right – they couldn’t finish in the top four, but the planet is in their hands.

To say that the acting – and the whole premise – is shocking would be an understatement. But it’s so bad, it’s actually good. The players seem to relish their new thespian roles, and at least fail miserably in a very entertaining way – unlike last season.

So cringe/enjoy below. And try not to smirk when Smalling lists Community Shields won as a credential for anything…