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26th Feb 2018

‘Pound shop David Beckham’ Jeremy Kyle guest leaves viewers in hysterics

Kyle Picknell

He’d probably take the comparison, to be fair.

Jeremy Kyle viewers were treated to another slightly ridiculous looking human being today.

Today’s fashion faux-par culprit was Jack who was – very tenuously – on the show to support his brother’s girlfriend Hannah, who she had accused of stalking her.

Jack caught everyone’s attention, though, for looking like a “Poundland 90’s Beckham” or “Poundland Brooklyn Beckham”, as two Twitter users so succinctly put it.

Personally that seems a bit too positive about his dress-sense. He looks like someone dressed up as someone who does magic tricks at weddings. He looks like he’s off to his first school disco. He looks like an extra in a straight-to-DVD Scarface rip-off. Who doesn’t even make the final cut.

Or David Beckham, I guess, if he wasn’t at all remotely stylish and you had been swimming without goggles and your eyes were a bit sore. Then he might look like him. You’d still have to squint a bit though.