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31st Mar 2015

Posters from McGarnagle: The Movie and other films from The Simpsons

Hey, I’m trying to eat lunch here!

Heyyy, I’m trying to eat lunch here!

The Simpsons Movie met with mixed reviews when it was released in 2007, with many hardcore fans feeling that it should have been put out during the show’s heyday in the mid-’90s.

A potentially far better alternative would have been to make a movie based on some of the wonderful titles suggested when the show was at the height of its popularity.

From McGarnagle: The Movie to Billy and the Cloneasaurus, there could have been an Oscar winner or two in there.

Let’s not forget, of course, the brief McBain movie geniously pieced together from every single episode featuring the Arnold Schwarzenegger-inspired character in the show’s history.

All pics via Facebook/The Simpsons Best Moments and