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11th Jul 2017

The new Pokémon film is here to ruin your childhood

This can't be happening.

Darragh Berry

They can’t be serious.

Ah, good old Pokémon. Many evenings after school were spent glued in front of the television waiting for the latest Irish episode of the Japanese show.

The little pocket monsters became a part of our life, Ash, Brock and Misty were three amigos and they could never be separated.

Until now…

The upcoming 20th anniversary Pokémon movie, I choose you, brings us right back to our childhood and recreates the first season animation of the show over two decades later.

However, things are not the same, not the same at all. According to Polygon, Ash Ketchum is still firmly in the driving seat as the main character of the show, but he is without his two best friends.

Clip via PokemonEpisodes

That’s right, Brock and Misty are replaced in this new movie by two different people, Souji and Makoto who accompany Ash on his journey to becoming a Pokémon master.

Original Pokémon fans are disappointed that two of the main characters who they grew up loving are excluded from the new movie and it’s impossible to see them warming to the new duo.

Fair enough, I Choose You isn’t a straight remake of the first season but the plot is too familiar not to be associated with it and if you’re going to attempt even half of a remake, Brock and Misty need to be there.

The movie premiers in Japan on 15 July but sadly a date for this side of the world hasn’t been released just yet, so there’s time to get your head around the news.