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16th Jan 2017

Pointless made a subtle but important change for its special 1,000th episode

Shaking things up.

Tom Victor

Pointless has been such a regular fixture on our TV screens that we can’t remember a time when it wasn’t on.

However, it turns out we’ve only been enjoying the sight of Alexander Armstrong, Richard Osman and some memorable contestants and winning answers since 2009.

Before then, if someone mentioned the idea of guessing ‘pointless’ answers, which none of the public had been able to name, you’d have just shrugged your shoulders at them.

How times change, though. Today we witnessed the 1,000th episode of the popular quiz show, and the presenters marked the occasion by making one very simple but very important change.

Light entertainment has its rules. Ant and Dec always stand on the same side so you know which one’s which, Ronnie Barker always said “it’s goodnight from him,” and Osman has always been the one sat behind that (not so) mysterious laptop. Until now.

For show number 1,000, Armstrong and Osman swapped places, which gave us an opportunity to see just how tall Osman is, as well as a couple of other things.

The show also invited back some past contestants to play for charity:

  • Patrick and Sarah, who once got three pointless answers in the final round
  • David and Jonathan, who won a record £24,750 jackpot
  • Comedy duo Trevor & Simon, victorious on Pointless Celebrities
  • David and Christo, who were the first ever pair to win the Pointless jackpot, all the way back in 2009.

So, did the commemorative edition end with someone winning the jackpot for charity? You can watch the episode in full here to find out.

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