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03rd Jan 2017

Watch the unbelievable Pointless answer that destroyed a friendship forever

This is painful - but hilarious - to watch

Nooruddean Choudry

It’s very rare that you see an actual friendship decimated before your very eyes.

It’s even rarer that we all get to watch it happen on national television together. But that’s precisely what happened when Sarah and Mariam took part on popular BBC quiz show Pointless.

In case you didn’t know, contestants play in teams of two, and are tasked with finding the most obscure answers to general knowledge questions based on pre-conducted public surveys of 100 people in the UK.

The fewer members of the public who guess your correct answer, the better – hence the ultimate intention of being pointless.

Now when Mariam invited her buddy Sarah along to take part with her on the show, she was probably aware that Sarah boasts an A-level in Geography, so if nothing else, they’d be fine if any questions came up in that area.

Except they weren’t, and in the most spectacular way. Asked to name a country that ends with two consonants, Sarah laughed nervously and suggested Paris. Yes, that’s right – French capital city but definitely not country, Paris.

But that wasn’t the best bit. Whilst gallant presenter Alexander Armstrong tried his best to reassure the hapless contestant her answer wasn’t quite as stupid as it seemed, Mariam’s fuming face said it all – and everyone noticed.

If looks could kill, Sarah would be brown bread right now…