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17th Jan 2018

Piers Morgan slammed for ‘bizarre’ impression of Big Narstie’s weather report

James Dawson

Bloody hell, dad.

Yesterday saw Big Narstie presenting the weather report on Good Morning Britain. It was one of the funniest TV moments of the year so far, so obviously Piers Morgan had to go and ruin it.

The ham-faced da’ attempted to recreate the grime star’s take on the daily forecast.

Imitating him, Piers waved his hand in the air and said that viewer should watch out for ‘a bag of snow in Scotland’.

However, his twang sounded more Scottish than it did like Narstie, leaving viewers and his colleagues dumbfounded.

Susanna Reid said: “No no no no no!”

And full time weather man Alex added: “You sound like an embarrassing dad – that’s exactly what you sound like.”

But Piers hit back at Alex, saying that given the audience reaction to Narstie’s report: “The way things are going, you might be looking for a new job, mate.”

Appearing on the show yesterday, Narstie went viral after he told viewers that the highlands were getting a ‘bag of snow’, before informing midlanders they had to watch out if had any pets, as ‘they’ll be getting bare mud in [their] yard.’

Narstie continued by warning: “Please dress appropriately for the weather, and ladies and kids dress warm.

“The flu is killing us. The flu is out here to get us. So Lemsip and warm clothes.”

Hopefully it wasn’t his last weather report.