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13th Mar 2019

Piers Morgan blasts David Beckham’s ‘vanity’ after James Corden statue prank

Jujia Li

The Good Morning Britain presenter praised James Corden’s epic statue prank on David Beckham

Piers Morgan has described a James Corden prank on David Beckham as “superb” on Good Morning Britain.

The footballer was led to believe that a fake golden statue of himself, which looked nothing like him, was about to be erected outside the Dignity Health Sports Park during the Late Late Show.

After Susanna Reid explained what happened and a clip of the incident was shown, the 53-year-old presenter revelled in mocking Beckham’s “vanity”.

He said: “It’s fantastic. Watch Golden Balls realising something is not as perfect as it should be.

“It’s the look of horror when Mr Perfect sees imperfection in himself. It’s the Beckham vanity laid bare.”

On the show, the sculptor took the curtain down to reveal the statue, only for the 43-year-old footballer to be unable to hide his disappointment.

“It’s slightly different than what it was when I saw it in Chicago, I mean look at my chin, look at my eyes, there’s no way that can go at the front of the stadium,” questioned Beckham.

“My parents are coming from London. My wife is coming over. It’s lucky my kids aren’t coming to the ceremony. If my kids were to see this, they would just cry.”

The statue created by Corden’s fake architect featured a huge, glistening chin, three teeth and a huge backside.

However, this wasn’t the end of the frank, the statue was later being smashed and knocked down by a forklift.

The former-sportsman looked relieved and joked at the driver. He said: “That’s probably done me a favour!”

Watch the prank here: