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27th Feb 2018

Piers Morgan quit Good Morning Britain last year because he had to ‘get up too early’

James Dawson

The renegotiated his contract so he can arrive later than his female co-presenters.

Piers Morgan has admitted that he quit Good Morning Britain last year, as he didn’t like getting up at 4am.

But rather than accepting his resignation, he was instead offered a new contract by the show’s bosses that sees him arriving later than everybody else.

Speaking to Radio Times , Piers said: “I actually quit in the summer. I said, ‘I’m out,’ because I couldn’t do it any more. Then we came to a new arrangement, which is great.”

Piers now tips up to work at 5.30am, whereas Susanna Reid and Charlotte Hawkins still have to get there for 4am.

He added: “The only reason, really, I had to go in so early was because the female stars all have to. It takes them longer because they get more attention and pressure on how they look, how their hair is and everything else.

“I’m lucky – five minutes of slap and on I go… I said, ‘Does anyone really care if I come in at 5.30 and we just have a catch-up on the phone?’”

Despite getting the preferential treatment, he still decided to take a hiatus from presenting duties this month while he films a documentary series in America, with Jeremy Kyle being brought in to replace him.