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02nd Feb 2017

Game of Thrones concept art seems to confirm a Season 7 spoiler

Only a few more months to wait...

Paul Moore

Fire and Blood.

Like ravenous dragons that are stalking their prey, some Game of Thrones fans have been utterly fixated on June 25th. Why? Well, that’s the reported date for the show’s return.

This being said, you don’t need Melisandre to tell you that the Internet is dark and full of spoilers, and while rumours spread that the entire plot of Season 7 has already leaked online, nothing official has been announced just yet.

To be honest, not even the most educated Maesters in Oldtown know what’s going to unfold in Season 7, but that hasn’t stopped us from making a few predictions.

At this point, do we even have to say spoiler alert?

A few months ago, we told you about an important location which might provide a clear indication of Daenerys’ plans. 

We all know that Dany and her dragons are coming for the Iron Throne, but where in Westeros will she land/conquer first?

Will she use Dorne as her base of attack? Is she ballsy enough to launch an all-out attack on King’s Landing itself?

The Dragonpit looks like it’s certain to appear in the next season – historically, this was where the Targaryen dragons were kept in King’s Landing – and some recent artwork that was uploaded to Imgur/Reddit seems to confirm its presence in Season 7.

We already knew that Dany would be meeting with a certain someone and this artwork, if it’s true, seems to fill out that story arc with a bit more detail.