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03rd Feb 2016

PIC: Someone has laid the infamous Steven Avery sketch over his prison mugshot


Tom Victor

Those of you who have watched Making a Murderer may remember a moment early in the series which first raised the suspicions of many viewers.

Steven Avery’s wrongful conviction for the sexual assault and attempted murder of  Penny Beerntsen is covered in some detail early on, with a sketch produced by Gene Kusche, the Manitowoc Country Chief Deputy Sheriff, playing a part in Avery’s trial.

The end result looked a lot like Avery’s police mugshot – sparking suggestions that Kusche had the mugshot to hand when making the sketch.

Reddit user Grappler0000 held these same suspicions, and decided to do a bit of investigative work, overlaying the images in question in gif form.

The results are…well…you make up your own mind.

Steven Avery – Mugshot/Sketch morph

While Avery was eventually acquitted of that crime, he is currently serving life in prison for the murder of photographer Teresa Halbach.

Efforts have been made to encourage Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker to issue a pardon, though no progress has been made to this end by supporters of the convict.