Phillip Schofield and Gino D'Acampo row live on air after he mocks Holly Willoughby 4 years ago

Phillip Schofield and Gino D'Acampo row live on air after he mocks Holly Willoughby

He's lucky this didn't get violent.

Sticking up for Holly Willoughby is a responsibility I'm sure most human beings would happily volunteer for, but it appears that Phil 'The Enforcer' Schofield has the situation covered after telling Gino D'Acampo to "back off his girl" live on air.


The argument had been stewing for some time on an unusually spicy episode of This Morning after Schofield and Willoughby had a cocktail tasting session and told off D'Acampo for arriving late to the show.

The drama escalated when Holly announced that "Gino's going to be making his quick and easy sausage and mushroom tagliatelle" which seems like a pretty innocuous comment, but her pronunciation of the pasta didn't appear to sit well with the Italian chef who shouted back the correct pronunciation.


"Tagliatelle!" he responded, emphasising the 'ay' like Brad Pitt in Inglourious Basterds, before adding "We've been doing this show for 13 years, how many times?"

Well you don't make tagliatelle every week Gino, mate. That's what I would have said.

But fortunately for everyone watching 'Big Phil' was on hand to defuse a potentially hairy situation, telling D'Acampo to "back off my girl!" after watching Holly feign offence and attempt to pronounce the word correctly.


"And I've had a drink as well!" he threatened.

Gino, not one to back down himself, proceeded to grab a large leek vegetable and utter a phrase that has quite possibly never been used before.

"I'm going to leek you out!" he said.


"He's going to beat me with a leek!" Schofield laughed.

At which point the studio lights went back, the studio fell silent, and a single large thud rang out.

Police sirens could be heard in the distance.