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22nd Feb 2018

Phil Schofield Snapchatted the entire BRITs whilst he was hammered and it was hilarious

James Dawson

A very interesting ‘dessert’, dad jokes about Stormzy and a lairy taxi home. Looks like he had quite the night.

We’ve already documented the fact Phillip Schofield and his partner in crime Holly Willoughby got ‘wasted’ at the BRIT Awards last night.

Holly was seen brushing Phil’s hair with a hairbrush during ITV’s coverage, with host Jack Whitehall rinsing them for their drunk behaviour. “Look these two are already wasted,” he joked. “Behave yourselves.”

But if you really want to know what the pair got up to, then the best place to do it is through Phil’s Snapchat, which as usual was absolutely hilarious.

Obviously I could put captions on these, but honestly I think they speak for themself to be honest:

We’ve all been there after a night out, haven’t we? Let’s just see how he goes on This Morning later.

The social media response to his snaps were as you’d expect: