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30th Jun 2017

Petty Simon Cowell bans song from X Factor auditions

Next level pettiness

Laura Holland

Talk about paranoia.

Simon Cowell has taken his rivalry with The Voice to a new level. He has decided to ban people from singing one of Jennifer Hudson’s songs for their audition.

As we know, Jennifer is a judge on The Voice and for this reason, her popular ballad, And I am Telling You, is now on the ban list.

Apparently, Simon thinks it’s too heavily linked with The Voice.

A source told The Sun:

“X Factor and The Voice may both be on ITV now, but Simon still wants to be the best show and there’s real rivalry there.

This one girl tried to sing And I Am Telling You, which Jennifer sang in Dreamgirls, but Simon stopped her immediately and told her to sing something else.

He did let her try another three tracks so it’s not like he shot her down there and then.”

Feeling a bit of the pressure there Simon?