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27th Jun 2018

People want Alan Partridge to commentate on the World Cup final if England get there

Wil Jones

That was liquid football

England have won their first two World Cup games, and have scored eight goals. Ok, let’s ignore the fact that they were against Tunisia and Panama, and that they are yet to play an actually good side yet. This definitely means England are going to win the World Cup. Nothing can stop them.

Look, they are definitely getting to the final, ok?

Anyway, if (when) this happens, the BBC need to do something special.

And on Twitter, someone has suggestion the perfect thing:

Alan Partridge. Doing commentary. On the Red button. How much better would that be, instead of Martin Keown’s breathing, or Mark Lawrenson in general?

The suggestion has been shared over 4,000 times.

In case you need a reminder, here is Partridge’s timeless 1994 World Cup preview.