People can't get over how much Phillip Schofield's mum looks like him 4 years ago

People can't get over how much Phillip Schofield's mum looks like him

"Which one is which?"

Look, I know it's genetics and everything, but before you go ahead and leave a comment saying something along the lines of "ofc, she luks like him, she's his mum ffs lol" - let's just pause for a second here.


Because, not everyone looks like their mum, do they?

I mean, sure, they might share a lot of the same features, but it's not like everyone is the spitting image of either of their parents.

I'm not sure I look as much like my mum as Phillip Schofield looks like his mum. In fact, I'm not sure many children look as much like their mum as Phillip Schofield looks like his mum. Because, believe you me, going off a recent Instagram post, Phillip Schofield looks a lot like his mum.


How do we know this? Well, as I probably don't need to tell you, it was Mother's Day on Sunday. In honour of the occasion, the TV presenter took to Instagram and posted two photos of his mum, Pat. One was a selfie of the pair together, another was her on top of a plane.

Phillip captioned the post: "Happy Mother's Day to my fantastic, unique, gorgeous and bonkers mum."


And although arguably the plane photo raises more questions than the selfie, it was the first picture which had everybody talking.

One person commented: "Oh my goodness how much do you look like your mum wow."

Another said: "I can't tell which one is Philip Schofield."

They do have the exact same hair, to be fair.