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21st Jun 2021

People call for Stephen Graham and Sean Bean to win awards after Time finale

Kieran Galpin

Time could be “their best work yet”

“A prisoner consumed by guilt, an officer with an impossible choice. What does it take to survive? A tense story of punishment and principles, starring Sean Bean and Stephen Graham,” reads the description for BBC’s Time.

Line of Duty left masses disappointed with the finale and even more with a gap in their TV schedule. Enter Time, a gritty depiction of life behind bars with Ned Stark (Sean Bean) at the forefront.

After accidentally killing a man, teacher, and family man Mark Cobden (Bean) grapples with an increasingly dangerous reality behind bars. Alongside him, Eric McNally (Stephen Graham) is a correctional officer who genuinely seeks to better the lives of those around him.

Spoiler Alert:

The series ended with Bean’s character being released from prison two years early. He had been involved in a horrific attack but was saved by a friend and fellow prisoner.

After being blackmailed, McNally is caught smuggling drugs into the prison and is sentenced to four years behind bars. The juxtaposition of the two central characters has drawn immense praise online. Though the show was initially a limited series, fans call for a second season that would follow McNally in prison and Cobden on his journey of forgiveness.