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12th Dec 2016

Everyone’s talking about Honey G’s cringingly awkward live malfunction on X Factor

Make it stop

Nooruddean Choudry

Seriously, our toes won’t uncurl.

First and foremost we must congratulate Matt Terry after he was crowned X Factor winner 2016. He and his family must be delighted and the best of luck to him on his future endeavours in the music business.

That said, it is hard not to see him as a pawn in a big game of hype and ridiculousness. The real ‘star’ of the series was of course Honey G, and it will be her rather than Terry who will receive the most marketing and column inches over the next few months.

The young winner will almost definitely get his regulation Christmas number one, but what do you know, Honey G has been signed up by Simon Cowell’s record label and will certainly gain the first top spot of 2017.

But it is her live performance over the weekend that is still inducing awkward stomach tramps and embarrassed contortions. The real-life IT recruitment consultant was ‘performing’ a medley of her showstoppers this series and the planned an emphatic finale.

The choreography would end with a dramatic mic drop, acting as a defiant full-stop to her X Factor excursions, and the start of her professional hip-hop career. Except much like Michael Corleone after a double-murder in a quiet restaurant, she forgot.

So what we were left with was this – a suitably cringe-inducing moment. We better get used to it…


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