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29th Jun 2018

People are shocked at Josh’s behaviour on Love Island

He has disappointed a lot of viewers

Kyle Picknell


Josh, mate. Everyone liked you. You were doing well, you were normal, you were sound. People were thinking: “Fuck me. That Josh bloke seems like a decent guy. I’d have a pint with him.”

You had to ruin it didn’t you. You had to go and ruin it.

Josh and Georgia were the only couple who could have even thought about challenging the Dani/Jack Love Island monarchy currently in place.

Perhaps knowing this, Josh quickly sacked it off to jump in bed with Kaz at the earliest available opportunity.

Josh, mate. This is the first time you’ve had even a semblance of airtime and you have royally fucked it. Congratulations pal. Here’s some Twitter hate for you:

People are even calling you the new snake in town; the new Adam.

That’s not a good look, mate. That’s not a good look at all.


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