People are brilliantly taking the piss out of this overused FIFA 17 joke 5 years ago

People are brilliantly taking the piss out of this overused FIFA 17 joke

FIFA 17 is officially in shops, and with the introduction of a brand new story mode it's looking like a more effective productivity-destroyer than ever before.

Yep, we've been waiting for what feels like months for the latest edition of the world's biggest football game - release day really should be acknowledged as a public holiday by now - and here at JOE we're all very much looking forward to letting The Journey swallow up our weekends.


Every time a new FIFA launches you can guarantee a few things will happen on the internet. For example, it's never long before someone starts complaining about how seemingly everyone they play online chooses Barcelona or Real Madrid.

You nearly always get people moaning that their team has been harshly treated in the ratings department, and this year many of the players themselves appear to concur.

But there's one other thing that happens every single year on FIFA launch day. In the hope of retweets and viral fame, someone posts this once-vaguely-amusing-but-now-predictable-and-let's-face-it-a-bit-rubbish joke.


Although it would definitely be funny as hell if this turned out to be true - and we have absolutely no doubt that there are mums out there capable of committing such atrocities against entertainment - it's been recycled so many times that it just won't wash anymore.

Here's another one.


But this time social media had its revenge. Behold the pitch-perfect piss-takery...


Back to the drawing board next year we reckon.