People are absolutely gripped by Sky's new gritty revenge-thriller 8 months ago

People are absolutely gripped by Sky's new gritty revenge-thriller

Addictive TV.

If a TV show is looking to grab your attention within the opening five minutes, a jolt to the system is usually a good way to do it.

In the case of Tim Roth's latest thriller, Tin Star, the opening scene will definitely stay with you but much like its tranquil setting, there's much more to see in Sky's new gritty thriller.

After coming to the world's attention following his breakout performance as Mr Orange in Reservoir Dogs, the English actor has largely shied away from 'major' Hollywood projects but he has always been a magnetic, intense and forceful presence on screen.

Following his critically acclaimed role in Lie to Me, the Oscar-nominated star of Rob Roy and Pulp Fiction is back with a new  show and it has already won a host of admirers.

In Tin Star, Roth plays an alcoholic small-town police chief whose hope for a fresh start and a quiet life is shattered by unspeakable tragedy.

Seeking refuge from his previous police work in London, Jim Worth (Roth) relocates his family to a tranquil and quiet mountain town but their idyllic life is about to be disrupted by the emergence of a shady oil company.

Can the small-town sheriff, and his family, survive against this corporation that's invading this Rocky Mountain community and bringing crime with it?


Well, what these oil barons don't know is that Worth was once has a history of violence...and lots of it.

In fact, he's entirely capable of waging a one-man war. In Tin Star, there will be blood.

Plenty of people have already been hooked by this blood-splattered revenge rampage.

If you're a fan of Taken and gritty thrillers, this should appeal to you.