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12th Nov 2015

Peep Show is back – here are our best moments…and yours

Lia Nicholls

Peep Show returned to our screens and yes, David Mitchell and Robert Webb are still as brilliantly haphazard and remarkably useless as they were.

It was a wondrous first episode, the best we can remember it. Here are our five favourite moments;

– Super Hans featuring more than ever, going from sober on the juice-drinking stag do to super toilet cubicle debauchery in no time.

– Jeremy almost apologising in the kitchen for trying to steal Dobby.

– The genius ‘sausage dog f**ker’ cameo from Johnson.

– Mark hiding in the toilet playing Candy Crush and quoting Shakespeare.

– The opening scene outside The Haggerston pub and inside Dalston’s Passing Clouds, a neat little nod to the Londoners watching.

It seems die hard Peep Show fans weren’t disappointed either. There was a new character for us to enjoy…

And for Mark be totally socially inept around…

But one scene in particular stood out from the rest…