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15th Nov 2018

Peaky Blinders director confirms that a script for the film is being written

Paul Moore

Heaven for Peaky Blinders fans

After conquering Small Heath, driving Darby Sabini’s gang away from the race tracks, seeing off Father Hughes and his troublesome ties with the Russians, and taking on the Mafia, it’s fair to say that the Peaky Blinders have conquered every obstacle that was placed in front of them.

This being said, with Season 5 of the superb drama currently filming, there’s one big question that’s facing Tommy Shelby.

As the Peaky Blinders look set to expand their business operations into the US, will an alliance with Al Capone prove to be beneficial, or will it see Tommy clashing with the infamous mobster?

Well, one man who might have the inside track on what’s going to unfold on Peaky Blinders is Otto Bathurst because he directed three episodes of Season 1.

Bathurst has been a busy man recently because his new film Robin Hood is set to open on 21 November.

In an interview with Yahoo Movies, he revealed that a script for the Peaky Blinders film is currently being developed.

“I think it’s actually being written. I think Steve, Steve Knight the writer, I think they’re planning something, yeah,” he said.

Peaky Blinders film

This sentiment is similar to a previous interview that Cillian Murphy gave to Esquire. When the Irish star was asked about a potential Peaky Blinders film, Murphy said that he was very open to the idea.

“I think Steve [Knight] has some ideas. You’d have to be careful, but I’d be curious to do it,” he said.

With regards to the fifth season of the show, it’s currently filming in the UK and it’s set for release on BBC One in 2019.

In an interview with the Birmingham Mail, Steven Knight (creator of Peaky Blinders) revealed that the new season will be set in the 1930s and that it will touch on the rise of fascism.

“We are going into the 30s now. There is so much stuff happening, so why not finish the job? The depression and the rise of fascism form part of the storyline. It is setting those things up. In the 30s across Europe and Britain there was the rise of fascism,” he said.

Aside from this, it’s also possible to form a bigger picture of the plot when you combine Knight’s quotes with a previous interview that Paul Anderson (Arthur) gave to The Metro.

Peaky Blinders film

Anderson said that Tommy’s newfound political power will see his criminal empire and influence expanding.

Tommy’s new political position as a Labour MP: “gives Arthur and his family more power. Tommy is in a position of power, and he can only get stronger in that position,” said Anderson.

He adds: “So we’ll all have more cover, we’ll have more opportunity and more protection. And by protection, I mean by society and the police and so on. We’ll be able to get away with things under the guise of, “we’re politicians, we’re respectable”. But we’ll be able to manipulate things more. Arthur will be even more Arthur. So it will be a lot of fun.”