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20th Jul 2017

Owen Wilson has some positive news about a Wedding Crashers sequel

Paul Moore

Get the meatloaf ready.

In Wedding Crashers, Jeremy famously described his best friend and fellow crasher, John Beckwith, as a “motorboatin’ son of a bitch! You old sailor you!” When he’s not projecting, John is exactly the type of guy that you would really love to hang around with.

After all, who wouldn’t enjoy spending time with him and the iconic ‘funeral crasher’ Chazz as they eat meatloaf and nunchuck people?

In the film, rule #1 states that you should “Never leave a fellow crasher behind” and it appears that Wilson is very open to the idea of getting back into the tuxedo.

With Cars 3 currently in cinemas, we were given the chance to chat with Lightning McQueen himself and here’s what he had to say about a potential sequel.

“I just ran into David Dobkin (director of the original) and you never know. That would be a fun one to do.”

Regarding the plot, it appears that Wilson, Vaughn and Dobkin have already had discussions.

“Vince, Owen and myself sat around at Owen’s house one day and broke the story. It was really really funny. We wanted Daniel Craig to be the ultimate wedding crasher, with his sexy body and his speedo, and the two guys would be incredibly threatened by him. He was like the next generation terminator of wedding crashing”, Dobkin previously said 

We asked Wilson about this and it’s something that he’s on board with: “Yeah, that was one of the ideas that was batted around, but who knows, maybe there would be a new generation of Wedding Crashers that we have to mentor?”

Only recently, Isla Fisher (Gloria) was asked about a potential sequel on TODAY and she was very positive:”I bumped into Vince Vaughn at a party and he said that apparently we’re going to be making a sequel, so I’m really excited to see what happened to Gloria.”

The Nocturnal Animals and Hot Rod star backtracked slightly when asked if the news was official, saying “I really shouldn’t announce it on morning television but apparently there’s some talk of it, which is fun.”

If any studio is indecisive about making a sequel then we only have one thing to say, “You better lock it up. No, you lock it up! You lock it up! You lock it up!”

Here’s our interview with Owen Wilson in full.