Over 50 people filed formal complaints about this GBBO moment 3 months ago

Over 50 people filed formal complaints about this GBBO moment

Over 50 people filed formal complaints about one specific moment in an episode of this year's the Great British Bake Off.

Earlier in the series, a shot of presenter Noel Fielding sitting inside of a fridge was broadcast on the show.

He was inside of the closed fridge when Sandi Toksvig opened the door for him.

The scene occurred during bread week, the third episode of the show's current series.

Since the scene's broadcast, 55 formal complaints have been logged by UK media watchdog Ofcom.


The regulator said that many were claiming that the scene could cause potential harm to children.

Ofcom has said that they will not be upholding any of the complaints.

In a statement, they said:

“We assessed complaints that a scene in this programme was potentially dangerous and could be imitated by children.

“We found that the scene was very brief and occurred later in the programme, when younger children were least likely to be watching.”

They added that since 1960, all fridges in the UK have been able to open from the inside.

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