Oscar-nominated director is looking for 'miserable' Northerners to star in a new film 3 years ago

Oscar-nominated director is looking for 'miserable' Northerners to star in a new film

Know anyone that fits this description?

If you're a Northerner that's “miserable and down-trodden," you're luck could be about to change because Mike Leigh is looking for extras that fit this exact description for his new film about the 1819 Peterloo Massacre, which left at least 15 dead and more than 600 injured.

Leigh has been nominated for seven Oscars throughout his career and his next project will examine one of the most famous days in Manchester’s history, when armed government troops charged at a crowd of 60,000 peaceful protesters demanding reform of the parliamentary system.

Piece of Cake Casting have provided more details regarding the specific requirements.

The production is looking for “authentic Northern faces” for a “gritty English historic feature film." In fact, if you happen to be “looking like you are tired, over-worked, had a hard life and, quite frankly, a bit hard done by" then you're exactly the type of person they need.

Casting sessions are taking place in Kent, Lancashire, Essex and Lincoln, but if you're interested in taking part then you need to send a  “gritty selfie” to the casting agency.

There's good news for anyone that has "longer, collar-length hair" and "look really miserable, pretty down-trodden" because this is the perfect candidate for the filmmakers.

If this sounds like you then we're wishing you the very best of luck with the application.

Maybe your 'miserable' luck is about to change?