One scene in the new version of IT even managed to terrify Stephen King 3 years ago

One scene in the new version of IT even managed to terrify Stephen King

If you haven't gone to see IT, then you need to rectify that immediately.

We were big fans of it here in JOE, and it is obvious that lots of other people thought so, too.

The $35 million production has already made over $370 million worldwide after just 10 days in cinemas.

In America alone, it is just shy of $219 million, and is aiming at taking The Exorcist's crown of highest grossing R-rated horror movie ($232 million, although admittedly that was back in 1973, so that isn't accounting for inflation), as well as The Sixth Sense's title of highest grossing horror movie ever, when it made $293 million back in 1999.

One of the many audience members who went to see it and obviously loved it was Stephen King, author of the book that the movie is based on, or at least half of it, with IT Chapter 2 due for release some time in 2019.

And King found one of the new additions to the movie particularly terrifying.

Barbara Muschietti, who co-produced the new version of IT with her brother Andy - who also co-wrote and directed the movie - chatted to the folks at Collider about it:

“And it’s something that actually, Stephen King, the first email he sent to Andy when he had seen the movie, the one fear he wrote back, he said, ‘I fucking love the woman in the painting, it scared the shit out of me,’ so.”

We have to agree. Particularly in the scene where The Losers' Club actually find her chowing down on one of the group's face.

That'll be in our dreams for a while yet...