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02nd Jul 2017

One of the internet’s weirdest cartoons is now 13 years old

"I like rusty spoons."

Wil Jones

Salad Fingers first haunted your dreams 13 years ago this weekend.

Do you remember the first weird video anyone ever showed you on the internet? Way before YouTube, there was Newgrounds, a site where people all over the world uploaded strange Flash animations.

One of those animators was Yorkshire-born David Firth, whose disturbing and surreal cartoons quickly gained a cult following. According to Know Your Meme, it was on July 1st, 2004 that Firth uploaded the first cartoon starring his signature creation: the terrifying, disturbed weirdo Salad Fingers.

If somehow you’ve never been exposed to his madness, Salad Fingers is a bizarre, slender humanoid creature, who loves to stroke rusty objects with his long green fingers. He’s appeared in ten episodes over the last 13 years, and Firth continues to create animations at his site