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One of Game of Thrones' best (dead) characters says he'll happily return for a prequel
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Who doesn't miss Tywin Lannister?

Since Season 4, Game of Thrones has been killing off the show's schemers like nobody's business. Margaery Tyrrell, the Queen of Thorns, Littlefinger... But there are few we miss as much as the patriarch of the Lannister family.

Throughout his time on the show, Lord Tywin repeatedly proved himself to be smarter and more powerful than his three children Cersei, Jaime and Tyrion and his influence in Westeros has been sorely missed (not least by the Lannisters themselves).

But fans of Game of Thrones could yet see Lord Tywin make a return to the Seven Kingdoms, and will feel especially encouraged by actor Charles Dance's latest remarks on the subject.


Asked if he would return for any of the five (is it seriously five?) Game of Thrones prequels that HBO is planning, Dance was emphatic: "If it was in the same calibre, yes. Because Game Of Thrones really was as good as it gets. It’s a fantastic series."

Readers of the books will know that Tywin Lannister features prominently in the history of Westeros, not least as the Hand of the King to the Mad King Aerys II, whose reign (brought to an end by Robert's Rebellion) seems like perfect fodder for a prequel series.

All we know is we're ready to see Tywin Lannister back on TV.

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