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29th Apr 2019

One major hint towards THAT Game of Thrones ending from last season that you may have missed

Rudi Kinsella

If you have been really paying attention, then that incredible ending may not have come as a complete surprise to you

Wow. What an episode. Before we continue, just know that we are obviously going to be talking in detail about the most recent episode of Game of Thrones The Long Night.

So if you haven’t seen it yet, be gone, for your own good.

We saw something that many did not think was going to happen so soon in the final season – the death of the Night King.

Just as it looked as though he was about to kill Bran, his sister Arya Stark came from out of nowhere (literally out of nowhere. Where the hell was she and how did nobody see her!?), and stabbed him, thus killing the entirety of his army, and winning the Battle of Winterfell.

It. Was. Insane.

We can safely say that we did not see it coming, and anyone who did is either lying or should consider becoming a full-time psychic.

But if you have really been paying attention over the past two seasons, it may not have come as a complete surprise for you, the same way it did for most.

Cast your mind back to the Episode 4 of Season 7 where Brienne and Arya were sparring at Winterfell.

Arya got the better of her thanks to an incredible sleight of hand trick, that may look familiar to you following this most recent episode.

Once her hand was grabbed, she flipped the knife out of that hand and caught it with the other, before landing the killer blow.

The exact same trick she used to kill the Night King.


The wait for the next episode is going to feel like a lifetime, but at least our heroes have taken out one of the bad guys…