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08th Jul 2017

Love Island house gripped in pregnancy fear

Absolute melts.

Anna O'Rourke

Wrap it up, guys.

It’s emerged that one of the cutest couples on Love Island were given a telling off by producers after needing the morning-after pill.

Kem and Amber have only just made it official in recent days, but that hasn’t stopped them from getting frisky in the villa.

That’s all well and good (plus it makes for some interesting telly), but the show’s bosses were said to be unhappy about Kember getting it on without protection. What a pair of absolute melts.

Metro reports that the producers intervened over the lovebirds ‘constantly’ having unprotected sex.

“The pair were called into the Beach Hut and Amber requested the morning-after pill which they supplied to her.

“They’ve been issued a final warning and both Kem and Amber met with the show doctor for a three-hour lecture on the importance of safe sex.”

The pair were apparently issued with a ‘final warning’ over their risky behaviour, suggesting they’ve been careless more than once.

But the producers may not have much to worry about after last night’s episode, when new arrival Georgia made the bold (and possibly insane – we wouldn’t cross Amber) move to poach Kem in a re-coupling.

She was forced to couple up with Jonny, who was fuming after new boy Theo cheekily decided to couple up with Tyla. The drama!