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07th Jul 2017

Love Island couple set to get their own spinoff show

We can't wait

Anna O'Rourke

It was bound to happen.

If you haven’t become obsessed with Love Island‘s Gabby and Marcel, what are you actually doing with your life?

They’re hands-down our favourite couple in the villa this year – she’s a down-to-earth girl and he’s a proper sorted bloke (who happened to be in Blazing Squad, in case you didn’t know), making them one of the best pairings ever to come out of the show.

Now it’s being reported that Garcel could soon land their own reality TV show and we’re very excited.

According to reports, their chemistry has won over reality TV producers who are keen to follow their lives outside the villa in a spin-off show.

“There has been a lot of interest in Gabby and Marcel having their own reality series.

“Bosses think it would be a massive hit and are hoping the pair agree.”

This comes despite some tensions between the pair in recent episodes.

Gabby was none too pleased about Marcel kissing another girl in Casa Amor or the photos of him with his hand on another girl’s leg.

Meanwhile, she’s struggled to reply every time poor old Marcel tells her he loves her, which seems to be every five minutes. The poor pet.

If they do make it to the end of the show with their relationship intact, they could find that they’re in demand for their own show. Here’s hoping.