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23rd Jan 2018

OFFICIAL: The Mighty Ducks are coming back

Paul Moore

Quack! Quack! Quack!

Listen up cake eater, we know that you adore The Mighty Ducks and could ace our quiz but if you’re looking for some good news, the Flying V is about to return.

The Hollywood Reporter have stated that ABC Signature Studios is in early development on a series that’s based on the cult-classic about a youth hockey team. Oh yeah, if you ever need proof that Rotten Tomatoes can be wrong, the film only has an 18% rating. Seriously, who are these people?

The screenwriter of the original trilogy, Steven Brill, has developed the new script and we’re hoping that Gordon Bombay gets involved.At present, the show is being shopped around various studios with ABC Signature and Disney’s forthcoming stand-alone SVOD service being mentioned as potential hosts.

As hardcore fans of the film will know, this isn’t the first time that The Mighty Ducks has come to the small screen. There was an animated series in 1996 but it fared worse than the Hawks’ ‘keeper when he squared up to Charlie’s triple deke.

While we’ve got no plot details or casting news, we’re entirely confident that The Mighty Ducks TV show will be the greatest thing in TV history. Hell, it’s The Mighty Ducks!

FYI Hollywood: While you’ve never asked us for our opinion on what direction to take, we’re very much in favour of a prequel for Fulton Reed.