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05th Mar 2018

OFFICIAL: Season 5 of Black Mirror is coming

Paul Moore

Amazing news!

Given the fact that Black Mirror is one of those shows that just keeps on getting better and better, it comes as no surprise to see that Netflix has ordered a fifth season of Charlie Brooker’s beloved dark anthology series.

Hell, Hang the DJ and USS Callister were two of the finest episodes that they’ve ever made so we’re not complaining!

As of yet, there’s no official confirmation on the number of episodes in Season 5 after the news was announced via Twitter.

Somehow, we don’t think the future is going to be all ‘sunshine, lollipops and rainbows.’

As for the video, the ‘Be Right Back’ tagline at the end is a nod to the Season 2 episode, and the clip itself is eerily reminiscent of Season 4’s Black Museum episode.

In case you haven’t seen the series, you’re in luck because each episode employs a different cast of actors to explore themes that are linked to the collision between mankind and the unforgiving technology they have created.

While each episode has its merits, there are some episodes that are truly exquisite. We’ve mentioned some of them above but ‘Be Right Back’ starring Domhnall Gleeson is an essential watch as is the utterly brilliant ‘The Entire History of You.’

This being said, the show really hit a new level of fame after San Junipero was released. That episode won two Primetime Emmy Awards, including the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Television Movie, as the world became infatuated with Black Mirror.

Long may that continue!