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04th May 2017

Coffee shop offers free food to Liam Neeson, the great man shows up

Alan Loughnane

It’s hard not to love Liam Neeson.

A sandwich shop in Canada has proved that the lure of free things is a temptation that even the biggest of movie stars can’t ignore.

Matt Pruim, manager of Big Star Sandwich Co., a restaurant in Vancouver, Canada, heard that Liam Neeson was filming a movie nearby called “Hard Powder”.

He decided to be a little creative when it came to the sign outside their shop by writing: “Liam Neeson eats here for free.”

The sign was put outside the store in the morning and they posted the picture to Instagram as proof.

Several hours later Neeson himself strolled into the shop and reportedly asked in a gruff voice, similar to that of his character in the Taken movies,”Where’s my sandwich?”

And they were just as surprised as any of us would have been when they posted on social media saying, ‘Holy f**k, it worked!’, alongside a picture of them posing with the Irish actor.

According to Buzzfeed, Neeson came into the store and posed for photos with the staff but he was a little pressed for time so he skipped on the free sandwich.

You can add being a goddamn hero to Neeson’s impressive list of skills.