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28th Jul 2018

Ofcom complaint made about Dr Alex’s behaviour on Love Island

Remember this?

Cathy Donohue

Remember this?

The conversation between Alex and Alexandra in the final few minutes of last night’s Love Island is all fans of the show can talk about today.

Alex’s decision to break things off with Alexandra has angered people for a few reasons but there was another encounter between the pair that received backlash.

If you remember earlier in the week, Alex put Alexandra’s hands down his shorts and although they laughed about it afterwards, an official complaint was made to the broadcasting authority, Ofcom.

Although a number of people complained about the incident on social media, it’s thought that only one official complaint was issued.

A statement released to OK magazine read:

 “We had one complaint which we will assess against the broadcasting code before deciding whether to take it on to investigation”.

This happened earlier in the week after Alex and Alexandra recoupled but it’s being discussed again following last night’s scenes where Alexandra criticised Alex’s behaviour and his treatment of her in recent weeks.


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