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22nd Nov 2018

It’s only been a day, but Noel Edmonds is already annoying the life out of I’m A Celeb viewers


Not taken long, has it?

Noel Edmonds has only just embarked on his  big I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here adventure, and already appears to irritating the life out of many of the show’s viewers.

Entering the jungle, Noel assumed the role of ‘Emperor’, and wasted little time in showing his fellow campmates that he was taking the role seriously. Very, very seriously.

Swiftly appointing Harry Redknapp as his advisor, Noel set about demanding everyone call him by his title of emperor, and, well, by generally just being a bit of a dick.

The campmates weren’t all that delighted with Noel’s presence… and to be honest, neither were thousands of people watching either.

Plenty took to Twitter to say that they didn’t want to see Noel Edmonds in the jungle, that they didn’t care that he was supposed to be an emperor, and that they simply couldn’t abide watching one more second of him being “annoying” and simultaneously “boring.”

Their words, not ours.

Essentially, they complained a lot. Here’s what they said.

Basically, they don’t like him and would prefer if he went away soon enough please.

That’s looking pretty unlikely though because Noel is the highest paid celebrity to ever take part in the show. ITV, as much as some people might like them to, are absolutely not going to let go of him easily.

Shame, really.