Nintendo suing company for giving real world Mario Kart tours 4 years ago

Nintendo suing company for giving real world Mario Kart tours

This is bittersweet, because it sounds like an amazing idea, but we only just found out about it right before Nintendo are shutting it down.

The video games company found out about a company in Japan that has set up a number of road-ready karts and kitted them out to look exactly like the vehicles from Mario Kart, then gives the drivers costumes to dress up like their favourite characters.


And, after learning of the activity, Nintendo has reportedly taken legal action to bring an end to it all.

According to Bloomberg, an official statement from Nintendo said “To protect the valuable intellectual property we have nurtured over many years of hard work, we will continue to take tough measures."

The company behind real-life tours claim to be surprised by the legal action, saying its go-cart services do not breach competitive or copyright laws, based on advice it received from legal experts, but that “We will work with all our might to protect the smiles of our customers."


Fingers crossed they can get to some kind of understanding, because seriously, look how fun this looks!

Clip via Robbie Frederick