Nintendo 'ruin childhoods' as they confirm the truth about Toad's head 4 years ago

Nintendo 'ruin childhoods' as they confirm the truth about Toad's head

Thanks, Nintendo.

He was a huge part of many childhoods - and whether you love him or loathe him, it was impossible not to notice Toad and his...well, fellow Toads.


But, ever since his first appearance in 1985, there's been one question at the back of our minds that has been debated time and time again: Is that his head - or his it a hat? 

Nintendo have finally weighed in on the matter - and some people aren't happy with the result.

Yoshiaki Koizumi, the man behind Super Mario Odyssey, confirmed this week that the mushroom is actually apart of Toad's head.


He said:

"So that, as it turns actually Toad's head.

"I'm going to have to leave it all to you to figure out how that works out.

"Maybe there's something inside..."

People were pretty shocked about the statement, since the Super Mario Bros. cartoon in the 1980s showed Toad taking off the mushroom (aka: his hat).



Others felt a bit more vindicated, having long believed the mushroom to actually be part of Toad's skull.


Toad (or some of fellow Toads) first appeared on the Nes' Super Mario Bros in 1985 - and quickly became a huge part of the Mario franchise.

He is usually depicted as an assistant to Mario or a guardian of Princess Peach.