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26th Jul 2017

Nigel Farage stood in front of a poster for Dunkirk. Can you imagine what happened next?

We'll give you a clue: it involved Photoshop

Rich Cooper

When Nigel Farage uploaded a picture of himself after seeing Dunkirk, who could have guessed that the internet would run amok with it?

Not Nigel, one presumes. Or perhaps he knew it would happen, cleverly engineering himself some free PR at the expense of being made to look a bit silly. Or perhaps he knew it would happen, and didn’t care.

Either way, he posted a picture of himself standing in front of a poster for Dunkirk to his Twitter feed. Apparently he loved the film (though you’d never guess it from his face) urging “every youngster to go out and watch Dunkirk”.

He’s right, it’s a great movie. Youngsters, go and watch Dunkirk. It’s a great movie. Nigel agrees: it’s a great movie. A legion of noble Brits trying to escape the tyranny and chaos of mainland Europe? Great. Movie.

But you know what’s better than a movie, even a great movie? People with Photoshop and nothing better to do. Those people got a hold of Nigel’s glum-faced (probably supposed to be ‘respectful’ or ‘sombre’) advocation and ran with it.