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Know anyone that fancies staying in a Five Star Hotel for free?

We're frequently told that there's no such thing as a free meal, but in terms of reality TV shows, there is. In fact, E4's new show, Five Star Hotel, will let contestants brush shoulders with celebrities while being pampered in the sun.

The show follows a team of five celebrities as they take on the challenge of delivering five star service at a boutique Mediterranean hotel in Greece.

What does this involve? Well, the celebrities will have to wait on their guests hand and foot, deliver top notch service and answer any complaints/issues that are asked of them.

The real fun though comes form the fact that the producers are currently looking for guests to stay in the hotel.

If you happen to be planning a stag/hen party, birthday, honeymoon, lads weekend away or if you just fancy some R&R, then how does a free holiday in the sun sound to you? Pretty sweet we'd imagine!

As their official statement says : "Planning a romantic getaway to pop the big question, an abroad birthday bash, stag or hen weekend or are you just in need of some fun in the sun? To apply to be a guest at Five Star Hotel, please email: [email protected]"


Bon voyage!

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