New PS4 game lets you battle zombies on the streets of London 1 year ago

New PS4 game lets you battle zombies on the streets of London

Streets of Rage meets 28 Days Later.

If you were missing some zombie action on the streets of London - and Britain as a whole - after the events of the 28 Days/Weeks Later, this new game from Paw Print Games is just the thing for you.

The Chester-based company have created a brand new co-op brawler called Bloody Zombies and it's coming to PS4 and PlayStation VR later this year.

How very British of them to include the word 'bloody' in the title.

While the characters in Shaun of the Dead might prefer to 'have a sit down' as the zombie apocalypse sweeps Blighty, rest isn't an option for anyone that's playing Bloody Zombies.

Well, maybe it is put you'll probably be torn apart limb by limb.

In Bloody Zombies, London has fallen to the undead and all that remains are four lone survivors: Teller, Rei, Mick, and Eddie. These misfits must form an alliance to save the day and bash every brain that gets in their way.


We're promised "loads of deadly zombies and bosses, who will use claws, self-destruct, and wield deadly weapons to tear you apart."

The game will allow you to play with up to three other friends, online and locally, as you aim (for the head) to take out the plague of zombies.

If you have a PlayStation VR headset, you can also immerse yourself in all-out brawl with an enhanced viewpoint that's designed specifically for the VR player.

Take a look at the first footage.