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07th Mar 2023

New horror film so scary people are ‘throwing up at the cinema’ and ‘begging for it to end’

Steve Hopkins

‘The scariest movie ever made’

A new horror has left viewers so shaken they’ve wanted to “vomit everywhere” in scenes reminiscent of the reaction last year to Terrifier 2.

Experimental horror, Skinamarink became a viral topic on TikTok with movie reviewers and fans reporting that it was scary, disturbing, and unlike anything, they have ever seen. Some reviewers said it was one of the scariest movies of the year, Creepy cataloge reported.

The horror, which is currently out in two cinemas in the UK and on Apple and Shudder, has a simple premise. “Two children wake up in the middle of the night to find their father is missing, and all the windows and doors in their home have vanished.”

Some viewers have said the flick, written and directed by Kyle Edward Ball, has left them shaken so much they’ve wanted to “vomit everywhere”, while others have suggested it is “the scariest movie ever made”, and that they were “begging for it to end”.

One unsettled viewer wrote on Twitter: “Skinamarink made me want to throw up from how disturbing it was. F***** loved it.” A second wrote: “Don’t watch Skinamarink I feel like I’m gonna throw up.”

The fright-fest hit US theatres on February 9, but was so scary, viewers wanted to run out of the cinema, The Daily Star reported.

One terrified viewer said: “Just watched Skinamarink in theatres. Feel like I’m gonna vomit everywhere and die.”

Another added: “Skinamarink is the scariest movie ever made. So tense I swore I’d throw up and my mind was begging for it to end.”

Skinamarink has earned a score of 71 per cent from critics on Rotten Tomatoes but hasn’t quite hit the high mark on IMDb with an overall rating of 5.1/10.

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