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06th Jul 2017

New contestant on Love Island has already landed himself in hot water

Paul Moore

No hiding from this one.

If you’re leaving work to go abroad, it’s very likely that you might inform your boss and colleagues.

Maybe you would also set your out of office email alert, inform your mates that you’re going to be away and let the 5-a-side team know that you won’t not available to play this week. Pretty standard stuff.

WhatsApp, Facebook, email or good old face-to-face communication are all options, but in the case of a new Love Island contestant, he decided to do ignore all of those and surprise a well known sporting body.

Theo Campbell is the latest contestant to join Love Island, but some people might already know him because he’s also a distinguished 400m runner.

In fact, Theo appeared for Great Britain’s 4x400m relay team at this year’s IAAF World Relays in the Bahamas. See, he’s already familiar with the tropical life!

The BBC are reporting that the 25-year-old sprinter is in trouble with British Athletics because he didn’t tell them that he would be involved with the show.

“British Athletics was unaware of Theo Campbell’s participation in this reality TV show. With the IAAF World Championships in London just a month away, we would expect all those in contention for selection to be 100% focused on their training and preparations to compete against the world’s best athletes.”

We secretly hope that a representative from British Athletics actually shows up on Love Island and tries to chase Theo off the show. Good luck catching him!


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